Premium-grade bleached white paperboard coated on one side for high-quality printing and finishes.

Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) paperboard is made from bleached virgin wood pulp. Usually, it comes coated with a naturally occurring mineral called kaolin clay to help with surface smoothness for printing. Additionally, SBS paperboard can be coated with a thin plastic liner to create a food-safe moisture barrier that helps preserve odors and flavors, making this material ideal for packaging food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. SBS paperboard comprises 20% recycled materials and 80% freshly harvested wood chips which are chemically processed and bleached, giving it a brilliant white color.

Paperboard Thickness and Grammage Conversion Table:

Basestock Properties (Units)Nominal Basis Weight (GSM)

Caliper (Inches)

Thickness (Microns)Commonly Used For
14pt275gsm0.014”356μTakeout Boxes, Cups
16pt300gsm0.016”406μHeavy duty bags, Takeout Box
18pt350gsm0.018”456μAll box packaging
24pt400gsm0.024”610μHeavy duty boxes
28pt527gsm0.028”710μVery heavy duty boxes