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What are the elements of gift packaging box design?
A good gift packaging design can have a good effect on promoting the brand and also make the brand have a stronger ability to attract customers.
9 classic packaging box types
It is important to choose the appropriate box type for your product!
Ten common post-printing surface treatment processes
Understand the printing surface treatment process to make your packaging products more attractive!
Who do I contact to report a problem?
If you're having an issue with your custom packaging, you may contact your Product Specialist.
I want to change my shipping method. How do I do that?
If your order has not been shipped out yet, you can contact your designated Product Specialist, and they'll be happy to update the shipping method for the order.
Will I receive a confirmation that my boxes have been sent?
Yes - As part of our project management, your Product Specialist will update you whenever there are any changes to your order.
How will my order ship?
Most of our packaging is shipped flat to optimize shipping costs; however it requires minor assembly upon arrival.
Can you ship my packaging to multiple destinations?
Customers often request their shipments to be delivered directly to their fulfillment centers and a smaller quantity to be shipped to other locations. As part of our service, our Product Specialists work closely with our Logistics Team to help schedule and organize your shipments.
What shipping method should I choose?
ou don't have to choose which shipping to use when working with Baomi!
What is the process of getting my packaging made?
The process of getting your packaging made differs from project to project due to individual needs. While the steps differ from project to project, our typical process consists of the following stages: