Recommended packaging styles

With years of experience in delivering packaging solutions to the many industy, Recommended style list for you!

Folding Carton Rigid Boxes

Upgrade your custom printed shipping boxes

Keep it simple with premium materials or embellish with special finishes for a personalized touch.

Molded Pulp
Print Methods
Special Options
Add extra security with engineered inserts
Are you shipping products that are prone to damage? Want to lower your overall cost of returns? Get custom engineered inserts that are designed specifically to the shape of your products. Custom inserts are great to add to your boxes to firmly secure your products in place during shipping!
Beautify and protect your products
Get the best of both worlds when ordering boxes by choosing only premium materials and special finishes.
Opt for eco-friendly alternatives
Looking to lower your carbon footprint to maximize your sustainable efforts of your brand? Look no further than our extensive library of materials and options that support your green mission! Our eco-friendly products are fully recyclable and biodegradable to promote recyclability and to lower damage to the environment!

Inspiring stories from our customers

Hear what our customers have to say about us after collaborating on their packaging!

Lauren Lee
Thanks to Baomi proactive optimization on our existing packaging we were able to save costs on material as well as optimize size for saving space on shipping for even lower shipping costs!
With the help of Baomi running my entire packaging supply chain and helping me managze decisions, I was able save time and hassle to focus on my customers.
Baomi team has been extremely communicative to ensure that my packaging is perfect by going through rigorous testing and quality control.The team is extremely reliable also!
Fantastic to work with at Baomi answered all of my questions promptly and worked with me to get the exact right design for our product.This included many emails back and forth.
I've purchased custom printed boxes from them twice now. They're really high quality, with bright colors and perfect printing. The whole process was super easy too, from start to finish.
Baomi was superb from start to finish. Our artwork was done exactly as presented and in the highest quality.Really fast shipping too. I highly recommend Baomi!!!

Common problem

Hello, how can we help you?

Prior to proceeding with production, our proficient pre-press team will provide you with a digital proof of your custom packaging. This comprehensive proof allows you to review and evaluate the final design and make any necessary adjustments or approvals before moving forward with the production phase.

Our current production times typically range from an estimated average of 10 to 30 business days, contingent upon factors such as packaging type, order size, and the time of the year. It's important to note that greater customization and the inclusion of additional processes in your custom packaging generally result in slightly longer production durations. 

Please be aware that all dates provided are estimates and not guaranteed. Production times are subject to change without prior notice due to the dynamic nature and unpredictability of order volumes. View our per product line turnaround times here.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) depends on the specific product line and customization requirements. Please reach out to our product specialists for detailed information regarding the MOQ for the product you are interested in. Alternatively you may check our list of MOQs here.


We strive to accommodate orders of various sizes to meet our customers diverse needs so don’t hesitate to contact us!