Premium-grade bleached white paperboard coated on two sides for high-quality printing and finishes.

Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) is an ivory paperboard made from bleached chemical pulp. SBS C2S is coated on both sides of the top surface. The coating used is made from synthetic or mineral pigment, and its purpose is to help slow down the absorption of ink and ensure it stays on the surface to produce clear and distinct printed images on the packaging. SBS CS2 is known for its medium-density and pure ivory white surface, making it an ideal surface for printing sharp and high-quality custom imagery. Coupled with these properties, the SBS C2S can also be cut, embossed, and hot-foil stamped - among other options, allowing for more opportunities to create unique packaging. In addition, this kind of paperboard is neutral and does not have an aroma or taste, making it an ideal candidate for packaging food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. It also has higher tear resistance, making it a good option for an array of products beyond just food and cosmetics.

Paperboard Thickness and Grammage Conversion Table:

Basestock Properties (Units)Nominal Basis Weight (GSM)Caliper (Inches)Thickness (Microns)Commonly Used For
14pt275gsm0.014”356μTakeout Boxes, Cups
16pt300gsm0.016”406μHeavy duty bags, Takeout Box
18pt350gsm0.018”456μAll box packaging
24pt400gsm0.024”610μHeavy duty boxes
28pt527gsm0.028”710μVery heavy duty boxes