White Kraft
White Kraft
Bleached kraft paper made from a mix of virgin and recycled pulp with coating on both sides for printing.

White kraft paper features a brilliant white surface making it ideal for high quality printing and finishing. It is tear, dust and moisture resistant making it an ideal candidate for food packaging and cosmetics packaging.


> Tear, dust and moisture resistant


Cost effective

White Kraft paper is essentially an umbrella term for a range of different bleached kraft papers on the market. Made from bleached wood pulp, white kraft is available in white cowhide or imported white cowhide, which slightly differ in their white color. Cowhide white is a creamier white color in comparison to imported cowhide white. Furthermore, white kraft paper can also be categorized by their performance which includes; flame-retardant kraft paper, high humidity resistance kraft paper and waterproof kraft paper, these play a crucial role in the capabilities of your finished packaging. White kraft paper is also available with a wax coating to create a food grade material which is ideal for packaging food products without running the risk of grease or liquid markings. White kraft paper's durable material makes an ideal candidate for creating bags, cards or folding carton boxes. With so many white kraft paper options available, white kraft can be used across many different industries, especially when paired with special finishes like, drenched film, paper lamination, embossing and debossing.

Paperboard Thickness and Grammage Conversion Table

Basestock Properties (Units)Nominal Basis Weight (GSM)Caliper (Inches)Thickness (Microns)Commonly Used For
14pt275gsm0.014”356μTakeout Boxes, Cups
16pt300gsm0.016”406μHeavy duty bags, Takeout Box
18pt350gsm0.018”456μAll box packaging
24pt400gsm0.024”610μHeavy duty boxes
28pt527gsm0.028”710μVery heavy duty boxes