Clay-coated Kraft Back
Clay-coated Kraft Back
Kraft paper with a coated bleached topside for high-quality print and unbleached bottom side.

Clay Coated Kraft Back (CCK) Paper is a recyclable kraft paperboard material featuring a white clay coated front side for high quality printing and a natural brown color on the back side. It is popular for its moisture and tear resistance and is commonly used for packaging take-out food, frozen food and beverages.


> Eco-friendly

Moisture and tear-resistant

Ideal for printing logos and artwork design

Clay Coated Kraft Back (CCK) paper is a recyclable paperboard material featuring a white clay coating on the front side for smoother printing, and a natural brown back side. The top clay coating is a semi-gloss finish and offers better dimensional stability and durability for for packaging take-out food, frozen food, beverages, appliances and tools. The clay coating creates a smooth surface making it ideal for high quality printing of logos, artwork designs and text.

Paperboard Thickness and Grammage Conversion Table:

Basestock Properties (Units)Nominal Basis Weight (GSM)Caliper (Inches)Thickness (Microns)Commonly Used For
14pt275gsm0.014”356μTakeout Boxes, Cups
16pt300gsm0.016”406μHeavy duty bags, Takeout Box
18pt350gsm0.018”456μAll box packaging
24pt400gsm0.024”610μHeavy duty boxes
28pt527gsm0.028”710μVery heavy duty boxes