Recyclable and lightweight durable foam with high level of shock absorption.

Custom molded polyethylene (EPE) foam inserts are the perfect choice for protecting your products against damage due to its high shock absorbent characteristic. Thermoplastics like EPE are fully recyclable and can be easily reheated and reshaped.


> Lightweight and recyclable

> Shock absorbent material

> Custom-molded to your product

Expanded polyethylene (EPE) is a lightweight and durable thermoplastic. Made up of millions of tiny bubbles, EPE offers a lot of strength and rigidity for packaging a wide range of products. EPE can hold several items at once with very high shock absorption from heavy industrial materials to small and fragile items. EPE is also fully recyclable and can easily be melted and reshaped for a purpose beyond your product packaging. Our polyethylene foam inserts are available in a wide range of densities and colors.

Foam Comparison:

Density (kg/cm³)HardnessOverall WeightAvailable Colors
Polyurethane Foam (PU)18 - 45 kg/m³38/45/60 Shore CLightBlack, White, Grey, Yellow
Polyethylene Foam (EPE)20 - 120 kg/m³30 - 38 Shore CLightBlack, White, Pink
Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Foam (EVA)33 - 280 kg/m³15 - 80 Shore CHeavyBlack, White