Wet Press
Wet Press
Wet pressed molded pulp with extremely smooth top side, made from 100% recycled fibers.

Ideal for packaging lightweight products, we press molded pulp inserts ensure your products are soundly held in place during distribution and shipping. Popular for being lightweight and recyclable, wet press molded pulp inserts are custom formed to your products to ensure all items are packaged securely inside of almost any packaging type.


> 100% recyclable

> Molded to the shape of your products

> Ideal for packaging lightweight products

Custom wet press molded pulp inserts are ideal for packaging lightweight products like cosmetics and food products. Popular for ensuring products are held in place to withstand movement, wet press molded pulp inserts are incredibly lightweight and are custom formed to your products to ensure a tight fit within almost any packaging type. The surface features a glossy surface finish adding a higher perceived value to the unboxing experience for your customers.

Insert Material Comparison:

Molded PulpCorrugatedFoam
Material CompositionMade from 100% recycled paperMixture of virgin and recycled paperResin base
SustainabilityRecyclable, biodegradable, compostableRecyclableNon-biodegradable or recyclable
ProtectionExcellent vibration & cushioning resistanceModerate vibration & cushioning resistanceExcellent vibration & cushioning resistance
Storage CapabilityStackableStackable flatNot stackable
Climate ToleranceTemperature & humidity resistantHumidity affects performanceTemperature & humidity resistant
StaticStatic neutralStatic neutralOnly with anti-static foam
Color AvailabilityWhite / brown / blackWhite / brownWhite / black