Laser Engraving
Laser Engraving
Quick engraving process utilizing a high heat laser to vaporize designs on the surface of any material.

Extremely resistant to abrasions, laser engraving is ideal for carving out logos, brand names or highlighting design elements of your packaging. Using a laser, patterns and designs can be engraved using high heat causing a distinct color contrast in the material.


> Resistant to abrasions

> Popular in ecommerce packaging

> Ideal for logos and branding elements

Laser engravings are exceptionally popular in the ecommerce industry for its durability and permanency. With engraved designs on the exterior of ecommerce packaging , there is little doubt that the design will remain intact during transportation. The engravings are done with a laser which exudes a lot of heat, burning and evaporating the substrate. This leaves engravings with a star difference in color creating contrasting and eye catching designs.