Aqueous Coating
Aqueous Coating
Clear, fast-drying, water-based, and eco-friendly coating. Available in gloss or matte finish.

Popular for being fast drying and creating surfaces that are soft to the touch, aqueous coatings are water based and makes for a great eco-friendly coating alternative for a range of packaging materials.


> Dries quickly

> Scuff and finger print resistant

> Cost-effective and Eco-friendly

Applied to the entire surface, aqueous coatings are water-based and make a great eco-friendly alternative to other coatings on the market. Fast drying and scuff resistant, aqueous coatings are commonly used to protect artwork designs as well as improve surface tension and durability. This coating is soft to the touch and provides a glossy, matte or satin finish that enhances the color quality of packaging designs. Popularly used in producing high quality brochures, retail packaging and food packaging, aqueous coatings can be used in a wide range of industries.