UV Coating
UV Coating
Fast-drying coating cured with ultraviolet light. Available in gloss or matte finish.

Cured by exposure to ultraviolet light, UV coatings are fast drying and provide the highest quality gloss or matte finishes available. Ideal for improving surface durability, UV coatings are popular for creating luxury packaging and shelf-ready packaging.


> Fast drying

> Protects and enhances surface quality

> Highest quality gloss/matte finish

UV coatings are applied as a liquid to packaging surfaces and cured using and ultraviolet light to protect, enhance and improve packaging material surfaces. The UV coating dries to create a very hard and rigid glossy or matte surface. Popularly used for shelf-ready and luxury packaging, A gloss UV coating has the ability to enhance the quality and colors of your artwork designs to create packaging bursting with shelf impact.