Laminated protective film that adheres to the surface of packaging materials to maximize durability.

Lamination adheres a protective film to the surface of packaging materials to maximize strength, durability and provide a barrier to avoid any water damage to your artwork designs.


> Waterproof

> Maximizes strength and durability

> Available in a glossy and matte finish

The lamination process adheres a clear film to substrates to create a barrier that protects and enhances artwork designs. Ideal for flexible packaging materials like folding carton, lamination is a cost effective alternative as it can be applied using the CMYK color process for optimal results. Laminates are water proof providing long term moisture protection to flexible packaging types. This allows product packaging to withstand longer storage times and maintains the quality of artwork designs. Available in a gloss and matte finish, laminates are a budget friendly way to add a higher perceived value to any shelf ready packaging.