Hot Foil Stamping
Hot Foil Stamping
Form of relief printing in which foil is transferred to a surface at high temperatures.

Hot foil stamping uses heat and pressure to apply metallic detailing to enhance brand logos or packaging artwork designs. Commonly used for applications in luxury and cosmetics packaging, hot foil stamping is an easy way to elevate your branding.


> Metallic

> Applied to brand logos and artwork designs

> Commonly used for luxury packaging

Used as a metallic decorative element for packaging designs, hot foil stamping is an eye catching way to add an elegant touch to nearly any packaging type. Commonly used for enhancing brand logos, text and artwork, hot foil stamping is used across industries such as cosmetics and luxury goods. Adding details such as foil stamping pays for itself, as your brand has the potential of boosting sales and reeling in a whole new customer base.