Combination Embossing
Combination Embossing
Combination between embossing and foil stamping. It creates a 3D motif that features a foil finish.

A combination between embossing and foil stamping, combination embossing creates 3D designs that feature a metallic finish. The image, design or text is embossed and lined with foil to create impactful 3D designs.


> Features foil stamping

> Ideal for brand logos, designs and text

> Common for folding carton and paper packaging

Combination embossing refers to embossing a design and foil stamping at the same time. The first press is a blind emboss while the second press features foil to create metallic 3D designs. Ideal for applications in folding carton and paper packaging, combination embossing is commonly used to create impactful brand logos, designs and text.