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9 classic packaging box types
Updated: 03-04-2024

1.Socket box type

The upper and lower ears are plugged in. The upper part is the same as the bottom. Most of them are split, but they can also be opened on the same side, which is convenient for packaging. It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for lighter weight goods.

2.Drawer box type

It is divided into two parts: the inner box and the sleeve, which are opened and closed by extraction. It uses more paper and is slightly more expensive. Like the heaven and earth box, it is a better-quality packaging method.

3.Airplane box type

After the packaging box is spread out, it becomes a whole piece of chopped paper. It uses structural design to achieve one-piece molding. There is no need to glue the box, which can save processing costs. It is often used for express packaging.

4.Book box type

The packaging style is like a book, and the box opens from the side. The shape box is composed of a panel and a bottom box. The materials are selected according to the customized size and function of the packaging box. Some book-shaped boxes require magnets, iron sheets and other materials. It is one of the box options for high-end gifts.

5.Heaven and earth cover box type

The lid and bottom box are separated. It uses more paper and the cost is slightly higher, but the texture is good. It can also be double-layered to increase the sturdiness. It is suitable for high-quality gift boxes, such as clothing, jewelry or food gift boxes, and can enhance the product image

6.Flip-top box type

Flip-top packaging boxes are divided into single-flip boxes and double-flip boxes. The double-flip boxes are composed of a bottom box and two covers, and one cover is a single flip-top box. The process required for double clamshell packaging boxes is relatively complex.

7.Portable box type

The bottom is a bottom box to increase the load-carrying capacity. The upper part is portable and easy to disassemble and assemble. It is framed with corrugated paper. It is the most commonly used box type in gift boxes. Its biggest feature is that it is easy to carry.

8.Polygonal box type

It also adopts the form of a sky and earth cover, but the shape is composed of polygons such as pentagons or hexagons. The boutique gift box gives people a stable and atmospheric feeling, leaving a deep impression on consumers.

9.Window box type

Dig holes into the cartons to open windows, or add transparent cellophane to facilitate seeing through the goods. Let the product be displayed in front of us intuitively, making it easier for customers to observe and increasing the credibility of the product.

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