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Common structures of high-end gift boxes
Updated: 24-12-2023

There are various types of gift box packaging design, including top and bottom combination of top and bottom cover forms, embedded combination box style boxes, left and right opening and closing door styles, and wrapping combination book styles. These types establish the basic structure of gift boxes. Within the basic structural framework, designers have developed a variety of box types. Below, we will first describe the common box types and names:

1.Up and Bottom Cover

Up and Bottom Coverrefers to a style of box. Widely used in various types of precision gift packaging boxes, shoe boxes, underwear boxes, shirt boxes, mobile phone boxes, and other packaging boxes.

2.Book-type box

It is composed of an outer shell and an inner box, with a shell ring around the inner box. The bottom of the inner box is glued to the back wall on both sides of the shell, and the non glued upper cover can be flipped open, resembling a hardcover book.

3.Drawer type box

The drawer type box cover is formed in a tube style, while the box body is formed in a disc style. The box cover and body are two independent structures. The design of this shape makes opening a pleasure. Slowly pulling turns into a moment of enjoyment. This type of packaging box is very suitable for gift packaging, tea packaging, jewelry packaging, watch packaging, and electronic product packaging.

4.Pentagonal box

The box shape is pentagonal and mostly consists of a heaven and earth cover structure.

5.Window Box

Open the required window on one or more sides of the box, and paste transparent PET or other materials on the inner side to fully display the product information.

6.Folding cartons

The gray board is used as the skeleton, and coated with copperplate paper or other paper. A certain distance is left for the gray board at the bending point, and it is supported to form a body shape when used, which can be freely folded.

The above are the most common gift box structures. For more box types, please consult Baomi Printing.

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