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Collapsible Luxury Magnetic Craft Box
Designed to open like a book, custom magnetic craft boxes are the perfect way to showcase the quirky side of your branding and products.
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Miscellaneous Features
Small holes on the surface of a paper material to provide a convenient way to tear open.
Anchor Lock
Tuck top design featuring a slit for the panel to lock onto to create secure sealing capabilities.
Corner Punch Out
Added to a range of boxes to create a filler space for products to rest on and remain in place.
Child Resistant Lock
Matchbox design featuring a lock for child safety unlocked by pressing down a side tab.
Tear Strip
Perforated strip on the outer panel that can be peeled back for a satisfying unboxing experience.
Adhesive Strip
Added to seal end packaging to offer convenient sealing or returnability of products.
Hand Hole
Gusset design featuring a die-cut hole for carrying and handling packaging at ease.
Tuck top, auto bottom, or seal end design featuring a perforated area in the front panel for dispensing.
Side Hang Tab
Tuck top or seal end design featuring an extra panel on the side of a box for hanging.
Tuck top or seal end design featuring an extra panel on the back of a box for hanging.
Hang Tab
Tuck top or seal end design featuring a slit with a tab designed for hanging a box.
Window Cut-out
A shape is removed from the front of a box and covered with clear thin plastic to showcase products.
Tongue Lock / Catalog Lock
Tuck top design featuring a slit that locks with the panel to create a secure top.
Mailer Lock
Unique tuck top design featuring a long panel and a tab for secure sealing.
Tab Lock
Tuck top design features two tabs and two slits for secure sealing and easy unboxing.
Thumb Cut-out
Added to tuck top designs, a notch is die-cut to create an easy and convenient unboxing experience.
Glue Tab
Extended tab added to a variety of designs to add extra strength and support for sealing a box.
Locking Dust Flap
Tuck top and seal end design, interlocking flaps are added to help seal a box and block dust.
Dust Flap
Flaps are added to block dust from entering the packaging with tuck top and seal end design.
Cherry Locks
Roll end design featuring tabs that slot between side panels to hold the top closed.
Lift Tab
Tuck top design featuring a tab that is cut to create an edge for a convenient unboxing.
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Collapsible Luxury Magnetic Craft Box
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